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This is a Courtesy Translation, for legal purposes please refer to the German version of this page only!

Data Privacy Protection
All data processing on our website complies with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For details please refer to the German version of this page.

Should you be asked to provide personal data (for example name and postal- or mail-address on our contact page) this will as far as possible occur only on a voluntary basis. Such data will not be passed on to any third-party without your explicit agreement.
We need to point out however, that any data transfer over the internet (e.g. communication via e-mail) may be subject to leaks. Absolute protection of data against third-party access is not possible.

Contact data provided because of requirements by law may not be used by third-parties for the transmission of advertisements or information that have not been explicitly asked for. The providers of this website explicitly reserve the right to take legal action against any such misuse of our contact data.

Data Privacy Protection in the Members-Only Arena of the Website of the German Phantom Squadron

as of 25 May 2018

1. With the application of membership and acceptance into the DPS every member commits him/herself to treat any personal data accessible via the DPS-membership in accordance with the DPS-statute and in accordance with these regulations.

2. In addition to the specifications as appropriate in the “Impressum” within the public area of the DPS-internet platform, for the password protected members-only area the following regulations apply:

   a. The members agree that data marked with an asterisk (*) in the application form are accessible to all other members and can be used for private purposes in accordance with the DPS-statute. Without such an agreement membership in the DPS is not possible.

   b. Members are free to provide additional personal data. However, membership in the DPS does not create a necessity to do so.   

   c. The members agree that voluntarily provided additional data are saved as well and that these can be accessed and privately used in accordance with the DPS-statute by all other members.  

   d. Except where required by legal constraints, dissemination of data associated with the members-only area to third parties requires the agreement of the member affected.


3. Members banking data, which via direct debit authorization are made available to the DPS-directorate are exclusively handled and stored by the DPS-accountant.

4. Personal data incurred in connection with expense related activities, including web-shop orders, are until formal relief of the DPS-directorate within the course of the next general members assembly internally handled, stored and thereafter deleted by the directorate.

5. Members at all times have the right to demand information concerning their stored personal data, its origin and the purpose of the related data processing free of charge. To these and to further questions concerning the topic of personal data, the members can at any time turn to the squadron commander via the address given in the “Impressum” of the DPS homepage.   

6. If a member no longer agrees to the storage of his personal data or should the data no longer be current, the directorate will – as far as this is permissible within legal constraints – immediately take care that his data will be deleted, or the necessary adjustments are made. This could have implications for the membership as well (refer to 2.a.)

7. The DPS protects all compiled or provided personal data via password against unauthorized access. Access and abuse by third party can however not be ruled out entirely. Damage compensation claims resulting from such misuse against the DPS or individual members of the directorate are excluded in any case.  

8. In addition, every member is obligated to take care that his personal password for access into the members-only area cannot be used by another person. Should compromise of the password be suspected, this has to be reported immediately to the DPS-webmaster, so that possible access via the compromised password can be deleted and eventually a new password is made available.


Translated May 2018 by Jürgen Erbeck

This is a Courtesy Translation, for legal purposes please refer to the German version of this page only!